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Montessori nursery in Wilton 

The Kingfisher Montessori Nursery is a reputable Montessori nursery that offers quality preschool education. We are based in Wilton and can be easily accessed from throughout Salisbury.

Quality indoor learning environment

Founded in 1978, The Kingfisher Montessori Nursery is situated in the historic town of Wilton. It is a wonderful part of the Wilton community and offers a quality indoor learning environment as well as a large woodland style outdoor play area. We provide a safe, warm and nurturing environment to children from 2 ½ to 5 years, which will encourage their confidence and security. 

Opening hours

Monday: 9am-3pm
Tuesday: 9am-3pm
Wednesday: 9am-3pm
Thursday: 9am-3pm
Friday: 9am-3pm

We also operate a breakfast club from 8.30 in the morning, until 9am.
Indoor learning

Individually tailored Montessori cycles of work

We have individually tailored Montessori cycles of work. This aims at ensuring that all children will gain a sense of belonging by learning in their own individual way. At the same time, they will also be invited to take part in all areas of nursery. 
What is the Montessori Method?
Outdoor activities

We offer the following:

  • Quality preschool education
  • Outdoor learning 
  • The children will have their own place of work
  • The children will be encouraged to respect and be respected
  • The children will be provided support to achieve their full potential in a safe, warm and caring environment

EYFS Montessori Curriculum
Outdoor learning

Outdoor learning

We have an expansive outdoor play area to facilitate outdoor learning. This is an integral part of our curriculum and provides plenty of opportunities for your child to explore and learn about the natural world. Outdoor learning enhances physical development as well as cultural learning and literacy, and is an integral part of our curriculum.

If you’re looking for a quality Montessori nursery that offers efficient preschool training as well as facilities for outdoor learning, you can count on The Kingfisher Montessori Nursery. We are based in Wilton and offer our services throughout Salisbury.  Get in touch with us today.  
Special Educational Needs & Disabilities
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A video on our Montessori nursery

For quality preschool education and outdoor learning in Wilton, call The Kingfisher Montessori Nursery on :

01722 865 291
(during school hours)

07539 865 291 and 07549 865 321
(out of school hours)

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