Welcome to The Kingfisher Montessori Nursery School

The Kingfisher Montessori Nursery School, which was founded in 1978, is situated in the historic town of Wilton. It is based in tranquil surroundings close to the quiet town centre. The nursery is a wonderful part of Wilton community and benefits both from an exciting indoor learning environment and a large woodland style outdoor play area.

Our aim is to provide children, aged 2 ½ to 5 years old, with a safe, warm and nurturing environment that will encourage their confidence and security. We believe that confident secure children will become independent and enthusiastic learners. Our class and individually tailored Montessori cycles of work aim to ensure that all children gain a sense of belonging by learning in their own individual way whilst being invited to participate in all areas of nursery. The children will have their own space and will be encouraged to respect and be respected. Using the Montessori teaching method and ideology they will be given every support to achieve to their full potential across the early years foundation stage, in a safe, warm and caring environment.

“The child is an enigma. He has the highest potentialities, but we do not know what he will be.” - Maria Montessori

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Do you need childcare? Call us today on
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Outside of the Kingfisher Montessori Nursery School
outdoor, woodland play area
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